Generally, a standard drawing tablet is known as standalone drawing tablet which is a device that doesn’t require a computer to operate. This standalone tablet is a unique choice for graphic designs as it has several new features and advantages. The first thing is that its smaller size thus it is very portable to carry with you anywhere on vehicles, flights, trains, or anywhere you go. Whenever you compare this standalone tablet with the conventional graphic tablet, it requires not to be connected to the PC but your conventional graphic tablets should need a computer connection for more functions. This is why it is getting too famous in this generation among several numbers of artists and graphic designers.

Special features of standalone drawing tablets:

Having a built-in computer on your drawing tablet does not only provide you the compact drawing device but at the same time you can use it in any place to enjoy its unlimited options of functionalities and features. When it comes to the special features of such tablets, they include shortcut buttons and accessories such as magnetic stylus, surface dial, and also desktop grade app support which adds to the best overall drawing experience.

In order to choose a right tablet for your drawing requirements, you have to compare more number of standalone tablets available in the market. Through this comparison, you can able to find the best one which is the most deserving tablet in the market. For every digital artist and graphic designer, this standalone drawing tablet is the most significant tool to draw what they want and click here to find many products. Similarly, it also offers sufficient power to run even heavy graphic programs. Especially it is suitable for the people who are willing to buy the drawing tablet without need of a computer and also a drawing tablet with screens.

Best brands of standalone drawing tablets:

The following are some of the top brand suggestions providing the best standalone drawing tablets with huge designing and graphic functionalities.

  • Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro is the best standalone drawing tablet with the advanced functions, best & fastest response time, long battery life, amazing stylus, and also top applications for drawing.

  • Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

It is the most powerful and highly portable drawing tablet for all designing and graphic professionals. It offers enormous shortcut buttons, matte display, and advanced Windows applications.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab s6

This tablet includes wonderful stylus with amazing display, air gestures, and long battery life.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7

It is the super compact tablet device from Microsoft with 12.3 inch display, solid performing pen, and also a very good battery life.

The stylus is a key factor for your every better drawing experience. While buying a standalone drawing tablet from any brand, first of all you should need to check out whether it has this amazing feature of stylus for wonderful drawing experience. Next important features you should consider in standalone tablets are automation and shortcuts for your easy and hassle free drawing experience even for the complex graphic programs.


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