Business cards are something all of us need to carry once we enter the adult world where we are working full-time jobs. If you are looking to get yourself a business card, you are probably stuck between opting for a traditional paper business card, or the new metal business cards. We will be doing a comparison between the two below, so you can look through that, and in case you are looking for a metal business card idea, you can check out what Metal Kards has to offer.


If we talk about impression, then paper business cards are the traditional option, and they are better recognized, especially with older people. However, metal business cards are making a favorable impression as well since they are unique and more different looking than paper business cards.


When it comes to durability then metal business cards are a lot more durable than standard paper business cards. Metal business cards will not get affected by water exposure, food stains, getting stepped on, etc. This means that your business card will stay longer with the other person.


If we talk about pricing then metal business cards are more costly than standard paper business cards. So if you have to get a lot of business cards made, then it can cost you more money. Some people still argue that the durability makes up for the extra cost, but that is a personal choice.


It is easier to customize different designs and fonts on paper as opposed to metal, so if you are looking for different fonts, colors, etc. then paper business cards are better suited for you. However, if you are going for a simple and minimalist finish on your business card, then you can opt for either paper or metal business cards.

By Thomas

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