Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Recent Heavy Snowfall Revives Ski Fields in NSW and Victorian Alpine Regions. After enduring an unusually dry spell over the last four weeks, the alpine regions of New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria have received a much-needed boost with substantial snowfall, according to meteorological experts at Weatherzone.

The ski fields, which had experienced “well above average” temperatures during July, saw a remarkable turnaround as snow blanketed the landscapes, providing a stark contrast to the previous almost snowless weeks. Notably, July marked the ninth warmest on record for Australia as a whole since temperature recordings commenced in 1910.

However, the rapidity of the snowfall was notable, with Weatherzone reporting that Tuesday’s snowflakes fell in a concentrated burst, attributed to a relatively narrow band of moisture. The official weather station at Perisher reported a 5.8mm precipitation reading between 9 am and 12:30 pm. Additionally, Weatherzone highlighted the movement of cold air from the Bass Strait towards the north, particularly impacting southern Victorian resorts like Mt Buller and Mt Baw Baw, both of which had been eagerly awaiting significant snowfall.

Despite the positive impact of Thursday’s snowfall, Weatherzone cautioned that it wasn’t a transformative event in terms of repairing the effects of the previous month’s weather patterns. The recent snowfall, while beneficial, will not completely offset the challenges faced by the ski fields. However, experts anticipate that the fresh layer of snow will create a more favorable skiing surface, especially at higher altitude resorts such as Hotham in Victoria and Charlotte Pass, Thredbo, and Perisher in NSW. Additionally, the post-frontal cold air is expected to create ideal conditions for snowmaking over the next couple of nights.

In conclusion, the recent heavy snowfall has breathed new life into the ski fields of NSW and Victoria, bringing relief after a lackluster period. While not a complete solution, the snowfall has provided a positive outlook for the upcoming skiing season, offering improved skiing conditions and opportunities for snowmaking to ensure a better experience for enthusiasts.

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