What's New In Madden NFL 22 The Yard

Madden NFL 22 The Yard comes with a new campaign mode with four challenge-based chapters, unique rewards, and authentic teams in Superstar KO.

Madden NFL 22 The Yard is one of the most improved modes in this year’s game. It features a brand new campaign, new game modes, venues, and – for the first time in the game – authentic NFL teams in Superstar KO.

Madden NFL 22 The Yard Features

The Yard campaign allows players to experience this mode alone or with friends in co-op multiplayer. Players will travel all around the world as they complete campaign challenges. New venues were especially created for these games. Some of the challenges include boss-like battles where you will compete against strong NFL players. New equipment for your avatar is among the rewards. The Madden NFL 22 The Yard campaign has four chapters. Each chapter takes place in a different setting and has unique challenges. The campaign has episodic progression. This means that you need to conquer the challenge at a location to gain access to the next one. Each challenge is unique because each venue comes with its own rules. A game has three goals. Winning is just the first goal. The second one gives you a specific task. For example, you might be required to pass for 150 yards for the second goal. The last goal has an action task, such as performing a touchdown in a certain location on the field. The ability to recruit some of the players you face is a unique Madden NFL 22 The Yard feature. They will join your player roster and you can put them in squads. Special rewards are reserved for those who complete all objectives in all venues. An exclusive gear set is obtained as a prize for this accomplishment. The first Live Event of this season will feature some of the best players. The event includes a five-match gauntlet that will take place in the new London venue. More Live Events based on real NFL games will be available in the future. The popular Superstar KO is part of Madden NFL 22 The Yard. This mode allows players to compete in quick matches against NFL icons. For the first time in the franchise’s history, the mode will have realistic teams and locations. Players have the opportunity to play with authentic NFL teams. Players can select their favorite team, playbooks, and the type of game. You can choose between 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, or 3 versus 3. The playbook options include offense and defense. If you want, you can play against one of your buddies as well.

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